The Asia Pacific Psychology Alliance (APPA)

On the 27th July 2016, attendees at the Asia-Pacific Psychology Leadership Forum, which took place at the International Congress of Psychology meeting in Yokohama, Japan, each became signatories to the Yokohama declaration. This was to focus on the development of the Asia Pacific Psychology Alliance (APPA) to promote psychology in the region. In Bali 2018, the constitution of the APPA was signed which marked the official start of the alliance.


The objectives of the Alliance include:

  • To advance the application of socially, culturally and indigenously informed psychological science in pursuit of the well-being of our societies and especially of the most marginalised individuals and populations within them.
  • To develop and strengthen the professional, scientific and regulatory organisations of psychology within the region to help them accomplish their missions.
  • To facilitate and encourage cooperation across different specialities within psychology and with other disciplines.
  • To promote research, training and professional conduct with the highest quality and ethics within the contemporary context of diverse societies and cultures.
  • To advocate for the participation and contribution of psychology to public policy
  • To promote societal recognition of psychological knowledge and of the profession of psychology.
  • To collaborate with local, regional and international organisations to achieve the objectives listed above.


APPA is affiliated to the following organisation:

International Union of Psychological Science